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Versions of WordPress and Jetpack on VIP Go

Your website will be running the latest stable version of WordPress and Jetpack at all times.

In advance of a major version update for WordPress core or Jetpack (e.g. from 5.1 to 5.2) to VIP Go, as the beta testing period begins, VIP will post to the VIP Lobby. The deployment of minor versions will not receive a Lobby post. Security updates will be deployed as soon as practicable, and will not receive a Lobby post.

We provide the facility to test beta and release candidates of Jetpack of Jetpack on VIP Go.

During the run-up to a new version of WordPress, we invite our clients to run their non-production sites against trunk (here is the core WordPress project explanation of trunk and other SVN terms). If you’d like one or all of your non-production sites to track trunk, please get in touch. Sites tracking trunk will be updated to the latest trunk revision at least once a day, but we cannot guarantee the timing of this update.

Last updated: December 10, 2021