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VIP Go environments

A VIP Go environment refers to the server environment running a WordPress site. Each environment comprises web, database, cache, and WP-CLI containers and is connected with VIP services and tooling.

Multi-environment architecture

VIP Go sites come with two environments by default; production and develop with the option to add more environments as needed post-launch.

Your site’s users access the production environment and the develop environment is a safe space for testing code changes before deploying them to the production environment. All environments are identical in terms of software versions and configuration, so you can be confident your code will run the same way in both environments.

Each environment has its own database providing you with the freedom to perform tests in the develop environment knowing the production database will remain safe and unaffected. Our data sync tool can be used to copy production data to your non-production environments at any time.

The File System on VIP Go makes files within the wp-content/uploads directory available to all environments, avoiding the need to copy them between environments. Files are in read-only mode when accessed from develop environments protecting them from being altered unintentionally.

We recommend developers use a local environment on their machines for developing and testing of bug fixes and new features. We have a docs page describing how to set up a VIP Go local development environment.

Last updated: April 09, 2021