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VIP File System

The VIP Platform has been designed for high-scale performance and security.

One of the ways we enhance site security is to run all web servers in read-only mode. This helps protect applications on the platform against many common forms of attack (e.g. vulnerabilities that allow installation of backdoor shells and other malicious files).

For scalability and performance, we have a separate Files Service that hosts all uploaded assets such as images and videos. WordPress uploaded files (in wp-content/uploads) are not actually stored on the web container’s filesystem. Instead, uploads transparently use an API to store these in a separate service, and when browsers request these files, they are served through a dedicated system, using the same domain as the site, with a long-lived TTL. This allows the WordPress application to be automatically horizontally scaled across multiple hosts.

The Files Service also provides dynamic image resizing and manipulation. An image uploaded at a high resolution can be displayed in various sizes on the fly without needing to generate variations in the media library. The smaller versions are created on the fly by adding URL query parameters to the image URL.

The VIP File System is the part of the VIP Platform that provides high performance for the media files associated with your WordPress site. Learn how media and file uploads are handled, how images are optimized and served and how the VIP Go platform handles extra large Media Libraries.

Last updated: May 10, 2021