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VIP File System

The VIP File System provides high performance access to media files associated with a WordPress site.

Assets uploaded through WordPress such as images and videos (in wp-content/uploads) are not stored on the web container’s filesystem. Instead, an API is used to store uploads in a separate service, the VIP File System. When browsers request these files, they are served through a dedicated system using the same domain as the site, with a long time to live (TTL). This enables the WordPress application to automatically horizontally scale across multiple hosts.

The File System also makes it possible for media uploaded to production to be made available to non-production environments, eliminating the need to copy media between environments after a data sync. Media files are in read-only mode when accessed from non-production environments, protecting them from being altered unintentionally.

The File System also provides dynamic image resizing and manipulation. An image uploaded at a high resolution can be displayed in various sizes on the fly without needing to generate variations in the media library. The smaller versions are created on the fly by adding URL query parameters to the image URL.

Last updated: June 20, 2022