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VIP Dashboard


A log of deployments for both WordPress and Node.js applications can be viewed in the Deployments panel of the VIP Dashboard.


All users with access to the VIP Dashboard are able to view the Deployments panel.

To access the Deployments panel:

  • Navigate to the VIP Dashboard for an application.
  • Select the “More deployments →” link under the Deployments summary at the right of the screen.

Logged information displayed for each deployment:

  • Timestamp of commit in UTC
  • Commit message
  • GitHub username for the user that made the commit
  • GitHub link to the deployed commit
  • The time required to build the application’s code for that deploy
  • Progress for builds that are not yet complete are displayed in real-time
Screenshot example of the Deployments panel view

Node.js build logs


Access to Build Logs on the Deployments panel requires a user to have either an Org admin role or a minimum of App write role for that application.

Build Logs for each deployment on a Node.js application can be viewed by selecting the information icon (the letter “i” inside of a circle) located to the right of each logged deployment on the Deployments panel.

Build logs include the output from npm run build for each deploy. These are useful for debugging failing builds or deploys, and to ensure that the build step is running as expected.

Build logs are retained for 14 days.

Example screenshot of displayed output in Build Logs

Last updated: March 25, 2022