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Webhooks on VIP Go

Whenever code is deployed to any of your environments, we can send a notification to a Slack webhook, by email, or send some JSON (see below) to an arbitrary webhook. If you’d like to set a webhook (or webhooks) set up for your VIP Go hosted site, please let us know.

Email Notifications

To have an email address notified, please let us know the email address (or addresses) you want the message sent to.

Slack Notifications

To have your team notified on Slack, please create an incoming webhook for your Slack team and let us know the URL.

General Purpose Webhooks

The general purpose webhook pings can fulfil any number of different scenarios, some examples might be:

  • Ping a testing service whenever a particular environment is updated, for example to run page speed tests, run through some integration testing to ensure that your checkout process is still working as expected.
  • Log the deployment against a Google Spreadsheet.

Whatever service is receiving the ping will need to accept an HTTP POST with a JSON formatted request body which takes the following form:

	"domain": "PRIMARY_DOMAIN",
	"sha": "COMMIT_SHA",

Here’s an example with actual data:

	"domain": "",
	"branch": "develop",
	"sha": "bcb2937404b854e8f265670116d2ba69daee23a0",
	"repo": "wpcomvip/example"

Slack notifications from your VIP Go GitHub repository

Note: This feature is currently unavailable. Contact VIP Support if you have any questions.

To facilitate the VIP Go GitHub PR workflow, you may wish your Slack team to receive notifications on PR events like “review approval”, commit pushed to the master branch, etc.

Slack’s GitHub app will not list your VIP Go site repository when using the Slack GitHub app in the default configuration. Luckily there is a workaround from Slack, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. If you already have a GitHub app in use, you should create a new configuration by clicking “Add Configuration” under the Slack GitHub app
  2. Follow these Slack instructions to use your new GitHub app configuration in “unauthed” mode

To perform the GitHub changes detailed in the steps above, you will need to be an admin collaborator on your VIP Go site repo. There should be at least one user within your organisation who has “admin collaborator” rights on your VIP Go GitHub repository, please ask around your team to identify this user (they will be able to see the “Settings” menu item on your VIP Go site GitHub repository), and feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.

Last updated: November 19, 2020