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Deployment notifications

After code is successfully deployed to a VIP Platform environment, a deployment notification can be sent by email, to Slack or by sending JSON to an arbitrary webhook.

Enabling deployment notifications

Deployment notifications can be enabled by creating a VIP Support request that includes the following information:

  • Specify which applications and/or environments should have the feature enabled.
  • By default, notification are only sent for successful deployments. Specify if notifications for failed deployments should be sent as well.
  • For email notifications: The email address(es) that should be notified.
  • For Slack notifications: The Slack webhook URLs(s) that should be notified.
  • For webhook notifications: The webhook URL(s) that should be notified.

Slack webhooks

If the webhook URL begins with, a customized message will be sent to the configured channel with details about the deploy.

General-purpose webhooks

General purpose webhook pings can used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Pinging a testing service whenever a particular environment is updated. For example, to run page speed tests or run through some integration testing to ensure that a checkout process is still working as expected.
  • Logging the deployment against a datastore (e.g. a Google spreadsheet).

Whatever service is receiving the ping will need to accept an HTTP POST with a JSON formatted request body which takes the following form:

	"domain": "PRIMARY_DOMAIN",
    "branch": "REPOSITORY_BRANCH",
    "sha": "COMMIT_SHA",

Populated with example data:

	"domain": "",
	"repo": "wpcomvip/example",
	"branch": "develop",
	"sha": "bcb2937404b854e8f265670116d2ba69daee23a0",
	"status": "success"

Last updated: October 27, 2022