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Deployment notification webhooks

Whenever code is deployed to any of your environments, we can send a notification to a Slack webhook, by email, or send some JSON (see below) to an arbitrary webhook. If you’d like to set a webhook (or webhooks) for your VIP Go hosted site, please let us know.

Email notifications

To have an email address notified, please let us know the email address (or addresses) you want the message sent to.

General purpose webhooks

General purpose webhook pings can fulfill any number of different scenarios, such as:

  • Ping a testing service whenever a particular environment is updated, e.g., to run page speed tests or run through some integration testing to ensure that your checkout process is still working as expected.
  • Log the deployment against a Google spreadsheet.

Whatever service is receiving the ping will need to accept an HTTP POST with a JSON formatted request body which takes the following form:

	"domain": "PRIMARY_DOMAIN",
	"sha": "COMMIT_SHA",

Here’s an example with actual data:

	"domain": "",
	"branch": "develop",
	"sha": "bcb2937404b854e8f265670116d2ba69daee23a0",
	"repo": "wpcomvip/example"

Last updated: May 17, 2021