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The self-launch process: Preparing for launch

Complete code reviews

VIP’s priority is to ensure that your site is reliable, which means we care about its performance and security. Code review is a key component of ensuring your site is secure and performant.

We offer both automated scans and manual reviews to provide feedback to clients:

Automated scans

When you open a PR in the GitHub, your entire codebase will be automatically scanned against VIP Coding Standards by the VIP Code Analysis bot. If you have questions about how to address specific errors or warnings, you can open a Zendesk ticket with our team.

Manual code review

For clients with Application Support, you may request specific developer feedback on your code (including themes and custom plugins) by adding the “[VIP] Review Request” label to your PR. Before adding the label, ensure that you’ve addressed as many errors and warnings from the automated scan as possible. If the changeset is larger than 1000 lines of code, it will need to be scheduled for a review. Where possible, we recommend keeping PRs small by breaking them down into atomic commits. Please allow for 10-15 business days in your project timeline to complete the first and subsequent review cycles.

Prior to launch, clients will want to ensure that feedback has been provided and that you have resolved any concerns.

Final import

If a final database and/or media import is required before the launch, it should be performed at least 1 business day before the launch steps are performed. If a 1-business-day editorial freeze is not possible, and double-posting new content is not possible, please work with your TAM to schedule an import closer to your launch time.

Lower TTL

If DNS records already exist on the primary domain, the domain’s TTL (Time To Live) should be lowered as far as possible at least 24 hours prior to launch. This will ensure that downtime is minimized when the DNS is pointed to VIP.

DNS changes (if hosting with us)

If the site’s DNS is hosted by VIP, please share this information with us at least three business days in advance of launch, so that we can ensure everything is set up for your sites and ready to go for launch.

Map domains

Domains can be mapped at any time. If you will be migrating the site from someplace else, we recommend mapping the domain at least 24 hours before the launch.

Domains can be mapped to the environment via the VIP Dashboard. Start by clicking “Domains” in the left sidebar. After selecting the correct environment, click the blue + circle on the right hand side to add the new domain to this environment.

Be sure to input the domain exactly as you’d like it to appear in a user’s address bar — with or without the www. Both versions will automatically work, with our platform redirecting to the one you specify here.

Configure TLS

VIP requires that all sites have valid TSL certificates. We provide Let’s Encrypt certificates by default, which requires no additional cost or action from your side, and VIP will own the renewal process. Whole-site HTTPS is also enabled for all sites by default.

VIP also supports the use of a custom certificate instead of a Let’s Encrypt certificate, but only VIP can install it. If providing a custom certificate, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager at least 3 days before launch.

Testing your site

Before launch, ensure the site is fully tested. This should involve walking through all the functionality in the wp-admin, as well as monitoring PHP and query performance in the linked New Relic sub account.

Further reading

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Query Monitor

A site needs to be working as expected, with no launch-blocking bugs, at least 2 business days before the scheduled launch. If there are outstanding issues, or critical bugs are still being worked on within 2 business days before the launch, we recommend rescheduling the launch.

Schedule your launch

We want to ensure your launch goes as smoothly as possible. Please provide your TAM at least 5 business days’ notice for when you plan to launch your site. The supported VIP site launch hours are Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am–8:00 pm (09:00–20:00) UTC. Launching during this time provides the most support coverage to help ensure any issues you may encounter during the launch can be discovered and fixed as quickly as possible.

Last updated: December 15, 2020