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Prepare for site launch

Detailed preparation ensures your site launch runs as smooth as possible. From importing your content and media to performing development QA, our team remains in close contact with yours to follow a trusted launch process.

If you have an existing website, you can migrate its content to WordPress VIP by supplying us with two components:

  1. The database file as a SQL export
  2. The media as a compressed archive

If your existing website is not using WordPress, you will need to first convert it to a running WordPress installation in a local or other staging environment. Note that your themes and plugins should be committed to GitHub. We will provide and maintain the latest version of WordPress core.


You may submit your database and media together or separately. We recommend conducting your import at least one week before your launch for QA purposes. A final/delta import can be performed during the launch window and editorial freeze.

Last updated: January 04, 2021