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Launching on WordPress VIP /

Step 8: Point DNS to VIP

Once you’ve confirmed that the site is ready to go public, you can point your DNS to VIP to make your VIP site available to the public. More information on your site’s DNS details is available in this guide.

The DNS Instructions screen in the VIP Dashboard provides ALIAS, ANAME, and A Records for root domains and CNAME records for subdomains. VIP recommends using ALIAS or ANAME records to route your DNS for root domains whenever possible.

If you are using a reverse proxy, please ensure you have reviewed our reverse proxy setup guide.

Once you have updated your DNS to point to VIP, the speed at which the new VIP site becomes visible at your production URL will depend on the TTL that you set in Step 5. DNS can take up to a full 24 hours to propagate around the world. We recommend using a service like DNS Checker to confirm that your DNS was pointed correctly and ensure that it is propagating successfully. 

You can also run the command dig via the Command Line Interface (CLI) to confirm that your DNS is pointed correctly to the ALIAS, ANAME, A record, or CNAME provided via the VIP Dashboard.

Last updated: February 09, 2021