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Launch a site redesign

The VIP Platform is built to support a “code moves up; content moves down” workflow. This means that any new content needs to be added to the production site and then synced down to non-production environments, and new code should be tested on the non-production environment prior to deploying to the production environment.

This workflow ensures that no non-production environments introduce anything into the live production environment that could cause adverse outcomes such as taking down a launched site or possibly opening it up to security issues.

VIP does not accommodate non-production -> production imports into launched (sites receiving traffic) environments. Leaving content in a draft-state in production allows content to be bulk-published on a “go-live” date, and pull requests containing new code can then be merged.

Some customers on VIP have leveraged MultilingualPress’s “Based on site” feature to as part of their launch site redesigns. Using this plugin, a new network site for the redesign can be created based on the original site. This allows new content to be staged on the Production environment, along with the Maintenance Mode plugin to keep the site redesign out of the public eye if needed.

In most cases, when a site redesign is complete it can be launched using the Network Sites launch tool.

New environment for a redesign

In some cases completing a site redesign on a separate network site within an existing environment is not possible (e.g., different team or agency access, security reasons). To request an additional environment to facilitate the redesign process, customers should reach out to their Relationship Manager.

In the absence of a Relationship Manager, customers can create a VIP Support request for an additional environment. The request should include:

  • An indication of the type of environment needed (e.g., WordPress single site, WordPress multisite, Node.js)
  • A list of any necessary non-production environments (e.g., preprod, develop) that should also be created.

Last updated: October 19, 2023

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