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Launch A Site With VIP /

Domains and TLS


If you plan on hosting your DNS with us, contact us via support ticket and we will set up domain management for you, where you can self-service create DNS entries to mirror your current setup. Once setup is complete, you can verify and switch to our nameservers. This should be done at least a week before launch.

If you plan on hosting your own DNS, we’ll ask you to point the domain to us.

When your site is set up, it will be using a “convenience” domain like At launch, we’ll change the site to using the production domain.

Once the DNS for a domain points to VIP, the domain is mapped to an application, the search and replace has been complete and the site URL is updated, visiting the mapped domain will direct visitors to the domain. If there is content on the site that should not be discoverable before launch, you may want to enable Maintenance Mode until the official launch.


When migrating a site from another platform, you may want to time the DNS switch with launch, to minimise downtime. In this case, the TTL (Time To Live) on the domain should be lowered as far as possible before the launch. Your TAM will work with you on the launch steps.


VIP provides a TLS certificate via Let’s Encrypt. There is no additional charge for this, and we’ll handle the renewals. If you prefer to provide your own cert, you can contact us for a CSR.

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Last updated: December 15, 2020