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VIP-CLI is a command-line interface for interacting with VIP Platform applications and environments. Once VIP-CLI is installed on a local machine, it can be used to run WP-CLI commands and perform actions like syncing data from production to development environments.

A user’s access level for interacting with individual applications with VIP-CLI is determined by the permission levels set by a user’s Org role and App role

VIP-CLI commands

VIP-CLI commands are run against specific environments by specifying the application and environment type. For example: vip @mytestsite.preprod logs

vip appRetrieve a list of accessible VIP applications based on a user’s permissions.
vip cachePurge one or more URLs sharing the same domain in a single command.
vip configConfigure environment variables and Software Management settings for VIP Platform environments.
vip dev-envCreate and manage a VIP Local Development Environment.
vip importImport media files or SQL files to an environment.
vip logoutLogout from a current VIP-CLI session.
vip logsRetrieve Runtime Logs for an environment.
vip search-replacePerform search and replace tasks on a SQL file prior to—or during—a file import.
vip syncSync data from production to non-production environments.
vip validateScan a Node.js codebase on a local machine and receive a report of potential issues.
vip whoamiDisplay details about the currently logged-in user.
vip wpUse VIP-CLI to run WP-CLI commands against an environment, including commands for Interacting with Enterprise Search indexes.

Running WP-CLI commands with VIP-CLI

WP-CLI is a powerful and extensible way to interact with WordPress from the command line.

On VIP, WP-CLI commands must be run in the command line using the VIP-CLI vip wp command. In addition to the commands provided by WP-CLI , it is possible to write custom WP-CLI commands to accomplish tasks specific to the needs of an application on VIP.

Not all WP-CLI commands can be run against a VIP environment.

There is a limit of 4 WP-CLI commands that can be run on a VIP environment concurrently. This limit applies whether the environment is a WordPress single site or a WordPress multisite.

A logged history of all Completed, Running, Cancelled or Errored WP-CLI commands can be viewed in the WP-CLI Commands panel in the VIP Dashboard.

Resources for more information about WP-CLI


By default, VIP uses an in-house analytics system to record information about usage of the VIP-CLI tool. To opt-out of this data collection, set the DO_NOT_TRACK environment variable to 1:

  • Per command by prepending the VIP-CLI command with DO_NOT_TRACK=1.
    For example: DO_NOT_TRACK=1 vip app list
  • In the profile used most often in the local machine’s terminal application.
    For example: export DO_NOT_TRACK=1

Last updated: March 21, 2023