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Plugins from VIP

This document is to help clients who have migrated sites from VIP to VIP Go.

VIP Helpers

All the code on VIP Go is public in the mu-plugins repo, including vip-helpers. Most of the familiar helper functions from VIP will still work on VIP Go. To check whether or not a given function still works on Go, visit vip-deprecated.php; generally these are just functions that are unnecessary on VIP Go.


There is no vip-init.php on VIP Go. the VIP Helpers are loaded automatically.

Plugins from VIP

A few things to keep in mind when moving a plugin from VIP to Go:

  • Similar to, VIP Go will load a helper file called vip-go-helper.php when plugins are loaded via wpcom_vip_load_plugin(), but not if they are activated from the Admin Plugins UI.
  • There are a number of plugins that are specific to the environment and therefore they cannot be ported over to Go. This includes:
    • wpcom-allow-contributors-to-upload
    • wpcom-elasticsearch
    • wpcom-geo-uniques (vip-go-geo-uniques replaces this)
    • wpcom-related-posts
    • share-this-classic-wpcom
    • share-this-wpcom
    • most-popular-feed-wpcom

If you want to use a VIP shared plugin, you can include it in the plugins directory of your VIP Go repository.

Last updated: April 09, 2021