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Enterprise Search from WordPress VIP

WordPress, out of the box, provides search functionality that uses MySQL. Developers often turn to Elasticsearch (ES) to offload search and enhance performance as sites scale. One ES option for WordPress sites is Jetpack Search, a paid addition to Jetpack.

Enterprise Search is a solution to allow the usage of Elasticsearch to provide both a search solution and a performance-enhancing layer to existing WordPress searches and queries.

Jetpack Search has been part of the WordPress VIP platform since its inception. But because of growth needs, and customers with very large and complex sites, WordPress VIP has developed an Enterprise Search offering (based on Elasticsearch) that further simplifies the process of indexing and managing a site. It also eliminates delays associated with syncing large amounts of content; indexing is performed directly on the site’s database.

A fork of ElasticPress provides Elasticsearch indexing and search, while a fork of es-wp-query provides query offloading capabilities via an Enterprise Search adapter.

While the ElasticPress plugin is currently used to enable ES queries on WordPress VIP, some features of the plugin are not used. The documentation here for Enterprise Search should take precedence. Although certain underlying features are in some cases more completely documented in the ElasticPress documentation, we’ve attempted to ensure the most critical and important aspects are described here in the context of the WordPress VIP platform, and customers should rely only on the VIP documentation.

Get started with Enterprise Search today with our getting started guide.

Last updated: May 17, 2021