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Update the name of the branch deploying to production

By default, the production environment tracks to a branch named master. The name of this branch can be changed by completing each of the following required steps:

  1. Create a new branch from the branch currently deploying to production with the desired name.
    Use the Git CLI or manually create the new branch in the repository.
  2. Create a request with VIP Support to update the branch that tracks to production. Include the desired name of the new branch that should replace the existing branch deploying to production.
  3. Wait for VIP Support to confirm that the branch naming, TeamCity settings, and environment tracking updates are complete.
  4. Update the repository’s default branch in Github by following these instructions
  5. The previous branch must be removed by the customer.
    1. Clone the wpcomvip GitHub repository to a local machine: 
      git clone
    2. Enter the repository on the local machine:
       cd REPO_NAME
    3. Delete the old branch:
      git push origin --delete master
      git branch -d master

Last updated: July 29, 2022