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Debug Elasticsearch

Debug bar

The Debug bar on VIP sites includes an Elasticsearch panel which provides details on all queries performed on the page, including the full JSON-based query sent to the index, timing data (how fast was the query, the network request, etc.), and so on. This can be incredibly useful when things aren’t working as expected.

Search API

You can send fully qualified Elasticsearch queries directly to the API as well:

curl${SITEID_OR_URL}/search --data '{"query": { "term": { "title": "elasticsearch" } } }'

Where ${SITEID_OR_URL} should be replaced with your site’s Jetpack Site ID or the site URL. The value for the Jetpack Site ID can be found in the WordPress Admin dashboard of your VIP site by navigating to:

WP Admin > Tools > Site Health > Info > Jetpack

Last updated: April 26, 2021