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VIP User-Agents

Incoming requests made by WordPress VIP Platform features and components can be identified by one of the User-Agents listed below.

  • VIP Webhooks (+ Requests made to the deployment notification endpoint requested/configured by the customer. This could be email, Slack, or a general purpose webhook endpoint.
  • WPVIP Let's Encrypt Certificates (+ Before issuing a TLS certificate, Let’s Encrypt uses what is known as an “ACME challenge” to verify a domain’s ownership. During the process to install a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate for a domain, VIP also performs a preliminary ACME challenge which makes a request to a site’s homepage URL before forwarding the certificate activation request to Let’s Encrypt.
  • WPVIP Media (+ Request to fetch an archived file at a publicly accessible URL. This request occurs during the process for importing media files with the VIP-CLI command vip import media [options] [command].

Other User-Agents associated with the VIP Platform

  • Mozilla/5.0+(compatible; UptimeRobot/2.0; Uptime Robot is configured to monitor uptime for a site launched with a primary domain on a production environment. Requests from Uptime Robot are made to the site’s homepage URL.

Last updated: March 24, 2023