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VIP Local Development Environment


If the VIP Local Development Environment is not working as expected, additional debugging information and logs can be retrieved.


Accepted values: @automattic/vip:bin:dev-environment

Passing the --debug option with dev-env subcommands returns verbose debugging details to command output. Passing the --debug option with the argument @automattic/vip:bin:dev-environment will filter out extraneous details and return only debugging output for the running dev-env subcommand.

For example:

vip dev-env start --debug=@automattic/vip:bin:dev-environment

Docker logs

VIP Local Development Environment is composed of several docker containers. Although it might be difficult to guess which is causing an issue, it might be useful to check individual container logs. Especially php-fpm and traefik containers can provide useful insights.

The docker ps command lists all running containers including their names:

 $ docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                                 COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS          PORTS                                                                     NAMES
0a368d39d5fd   phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin:5.1.1                           "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds>80/tcp                                                   vipdevviplocal_phpmyadmin_1
14161140202c   bitnami/elasticsearch:7.8.0                           "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds   9300/tcp,>9200/tcp                                       vipdevviplocal_vip-search_1
9c66c331852e   wpvipdev/dev-tools:0.4                                "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds                                                                             vipdevviplocal_devtools_1
33e29bc0f254   "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds   9000/tcp                                                                  vipdevviplocal_php_1
7188c947dc69   bitnami/memcached:1.5.12                              "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds   11211/tcp                                                                 vipdevviplocal_memcached_1
245aece0559a   bitnami/mariadb:10.3.27-debian-10-r84                 "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds   3306/tcp                                                                  vipdevviplocal_database_1
16fb0bfbed92   wpvipdev/nginx:1.19.2-2                               "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds   80/tcp                                                                    vipdevviplocal_nginx_1
16c6c4461260   wpvipdev/wordpress:5.7.2                              "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   27 seconds ago   Up 25 seconds                                                                             vipdevviplocal_wordpress_1
41479827e749   traefik:2.2.0                                         "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   28 seconds ago   Up 27 seconds>80/tcp,>443/tcp,>8080/tcp   vip-dev-env-proxy_proxy_1

Logs for a specific container can be retrieved by passing the name in the docker logs <name> command:

$ docker logs vipdevviplocal_php_1
<logs here>

Last updated: May 20, 2022