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Organization view

The organization view of the VIP Dashboard provides access to more information about the applications and team members that belong to that organization.

A user’s ability to access and interact with areas of the organization view is defined by the Org role or the App role that was assigned to them. Only a user with an Org admin role can provide access to the VIP Dashboard for other users and assign user roles.

Some users on the VIP Platform may have access to more than one organization. Users can view a list of the organizations they belong to in the My Organizations panel.


The Usage panel is a record of chargeable requests made to an organization‘s applications. Users with an Org admin role have permission to view a summary of the organization’s contract with VIP in this panel as well.


The People panel provides visibility into the people who have been invited to an organization, their assigned roles, and their authority to make decisions on behalf of the organization. Users with an Org admin role can add and manage VIP Dashboard user access in this panel.


The Notifications panel provides the ability to create and manage Notifications for events that occur on an organization’s applications.

Audit Log

The Audit Log panel provides visibility into all management actions that occur across the applications belonging to that organization.

Last updated: August 03, 2023

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