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Disallowed commands on VIP

There are a selection of built-in and VIP mu-plugin commands (and/or subcommands) that are blocked for VIP clients to ensure the safety of the site:

admin: *

cli: alias, cache, check-update, cmd-dump, completions, has-command, info, param-dump, update

comment: generate

config: *

core: check-update, download, install, is-installed, multisite-convert, multisite-install, update, update-db, verify-checksums

cron-control: *

cron-control-fixer: *

db: *

dist-archive: *

eval: *

eval-file: *

find: *

i18n: *

import: *

jetpack: *

jetpack-start: *

jetpack-start-provision: *

media: import, regenerate

package: *

plugin: delete, install, update


  • core: install, uninstall, update
  • plugin: install, uninstall, update
  • theme: install, uninstall, update
  • post: edit, generate

profile: *

scaffold: *

server: *

shell: *

site: empty

term: generate

theme: delete, install, update

user: generate, import-csv

vaultpress: *

vipsupport: *

vip: cache, files, fixers, migration, plugin, two-factor, utf8mb4

Last updated: May 04, 2021