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External Permalinks Redux plugin

This plugin allows you to point WordPress objects (posts, pages, or custom post types) to a URL of your choosing, which is particularly useful for injecting non-WordPress content into loops. The object appears normally in any loop output, but visitors to the object will be redirected to the specified URL.


Once you’ve activated the plugin, you’ll see a new External Permalinks Redux module in the edit post screen:


Simply add the URL you want the post, page, or custom post type to redirect to, choose the type of redirect, and update or publish the post.

For more information, please see the full plugin documentation here.


The plugin allows you to choose the type of redirect, either temporary (302 or 307), or permanent (301).

The External Permalinks Redux meta box can be added through a filter to custom post types. There is also a function available for use with WordPress’ add_meta_box function.

This plugin was originally written for use on VIP. It is backwards-compatible with Mark Jaquith’s Page Links To plugin, meaning users can switch between plugins without risk of losing any existing external links.

Last updated: December 10, 2021