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When you need to implement redirects involving your VIP site, you’ll want to choose one of the methods listed below based mostly upon how many redirects you have and expect to have going forward.

Because VIP uses Nginx and not apache, there aren’t any .htaccess files to modify. Instead, we have one of three methods available. Which one you use (or combination of them) depends upon how many redirects you need to implement:

  1. For a small number of redirects and redirects which will change frequently, we recommend Safe Redirect Manager plugin.
  2. For larger numbers of redirects (> 300), you will want to use the WPCOM Legacy Redirector plugin.
  3. Alternately, you can write redirects directly into your theme code.
  4. If you’re using more than one domain per site, set up your vip-config.php file to handle redirecting secondary domains to the desired primary domain for each subsite.

If you’re using our VIP Go platform, you may be interested in the cache control of redirects.

Last updated: April 09, 2021