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VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin

VIP Go allows you to differentiate visitors from different countries, tailoring the content you serve to your visitors on a country by country basis, while still keeping the benefits of our fast caching infrastructure.

Adding geotargeting to your VIP Go code takes two parts:

  • Loading and configuring the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin
  • Serving geotargeted content

Caching for sites using geotargeting

When you enable the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin, your page cache is varied by country code. This means that, for each URL requested, we hold a separate copy of the page (i.e. the HTTP response) for each country in our page cache. When you update a post or page, all cached copies for all country codes are automatically invalidated. When you purge the cache for your whole site, the whole cache is still invalidated.

Geotargeting and reverse proxies

Geotargeting on VIP Go is not reliable if your site uses a reverse proxy.

When a request comes in through a reverse proxy, we will look at the remote IP address of the reverse proxy and not the user. This happens at the load balancer level which means workarounds at the application level will not change the result. Sometimes the IP of the reverse proxy and the user might be the same, but many times it will not be.

Last updated: April 09, 2021