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VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin

The VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin allows differentiation of visitors from different countries, tailoring served content to site visitors on a country by country basis, while still keeping the benefits of VIP’s fast caching infrastructure.

When the VIP Geo Uniques plugin is enabled, a site’s page cache is varied by country code. This means that, for each URL requested, a separate copy of the page (i.e. the HTTP response) is held for each country in our page cache. When a post or page is updated, all cached copies for all country codes are automatically invalidated. When the cache is purged for an entire site, the whole cache is still invalidated.

More details about the VIP Geo Uniques plugin’s features and directions for installation can be found in the plugin’s GitHub repository.


  • Geotargeting on VIP—even with the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin enabled—is not reliable if a site uses a reverse proxy.
  • The features of the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin are designed to work on a VIP Platform environment and will not work as expected on a local development environment.

Last updated: March 31, 2022