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Scheduled reviews and large changesets

Large changesets and PRs take longer to review, and can be more complex. If a changeset is larger than about 1,000 lines of code, giving it the proper attention it deserves may require more time than our traditional review/deploy workflow facilitates. In these cases we may mark your PR as [Status] VIP Scheduled Review, and set a date when we can assign an engineer to spend the required time to review your changes.

As an alternative to having a large changeset undergo a scheduled review, the PR could be broken up into smaller, more atomic commits. Then, a number of smaller PRs could be created, reducing the review time. One workflow for achieving this is:

  1. Create a fresh branch off master.
  2. Check out one of the changes from the branch used in the large PR.
  3. Push this change to the new branch.
  4. Commit and push up the new branch.
  5. Create a new PR.

You can read a more detailed explanation of breaking apart a large PR into more manageable chunks.

Last updated: April 09, 2021