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Scheduled reviews and large pull requests

Any pull request undergoing manual review with 1000 lines or more of reviewable code must have its review scheduled. This can be avoided by reducing the size of the pull request.

The VIP reviewer will add the  [Status] VIP Scheduled Review label (do not add it yourself) to any large pull request submitted for manual review. This removes the pull request from the usual VIP review process.

The VIP reviewer will then request that the pull request author create a VIP Support ticket for the review to be scheduled. Please see the details below for what to include in the ticket. You may optionally open a ticket in advance. In that case, please supply the ticket number in a comment of the pull request. VIP can only schedule and start a review after the ticket is received.

Depending on the size and complexity of the code, it may take several business days to complete the review, so please plan accordingly. See our guidelines for reducing review times.

Requesting a scheduled review with a support ticket

When requesting a scheduled review, the support ticket should include the following information:

  • A link to the pull request.
  • A brief description of the purpose of the code changes and what kind of feedback is desired. For example, if performance is the primary concern, please note that in the ticket.
  • Please also point out if only part of the pull request needs feedback. For example, note if only specific files or portions of files need to be reviewed.
  • Please indicate if the code can be changed due to the review. If the code under review cannot be changed, VIP may give feedback on the impact of the code rather than suggesting specific code changes.

VIP will schedule a team member to review the contents of the pull request only after the ticket is received.


The following recommendations for creating pull requests can help expedite the VIP review process:

Last updated: February 06, 2023