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Code review

VIP offers automated scans for all pull requests and an option for manual reviews of pull requests for customers with Application Support.

Automated scans

When a pull request is opened in GitHub, the VIP Code Analysis Bot will automatically scan the entire codebase against the VIP Coding Standards using PHP_CodeSniffer (PHPCS). It also looks at PHPCompatibility standards and lints for PHP and SVG issues. Refer to this guide to learn more about PHPCS review feedback. VIP strongly recommends scanning the code with PHPCS before submitting a pull request to expedite the review process.

Manual code review

Customers with Application Support may also request feedback on pull requests. To request feedback, add the [VIP] Review Request label to a pull request targeting the production branch. Before adding the label, please address all errors and warnings from the automated scan. Only pull requests in the production branch with the [VIP] Review Request label will be manually reviewed.

Last updated: February 02, 2023