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Retire a site from VIP

When retiring a site from VIP, it is requested that the VIP team is notified via a support ticket 30 days in advance of the site retirement date. At the end of this period, VIP will typically retire the site(s) along with the non-production environment(s) and update the account’s billing details as per the agreement.

In the case of selective retirement of network sites within a WordPress multisite, VIP can delete/archive the requested sites and disable production monitoring for them.

In order to archive or migrate the site to other hosting, the elements needed for migration are outlined below.

Codebase / GitHub repository

Reviewing the structure of the VIP codebase before migration is recommended.

If the GitHub repository will no longer be used by an active VIP site, the associated GitHub repository will be removed once the site(s) has been retired. Ensure that a local copy of the site’s repository is saved.

Clone a repository

A copy of the code in a VIP repository can be downloaded by cloning a copy of the Git repository. This method retains the version history and all changes.

GitHub maintains documentation on cloning a GitHub repository.

Transfer a repository

VIP can also transfer the repository to a requested user’s GitHub account. This method retains all version history, GitHub issues, GitHub pages, etc.

Contact VIP via Support ticket to transfer a VIP repository to a GitHub account.

Files and data

Contact VIP via Support ticket to to request an archive of all files that have been uploaded to a site. The archive will be supplied with the same directory structure as the file uploads. The data will be supplied as SQL from the mysqldump client.

Last updated: July 19, 2022