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Launching on WordPress VIP /

Step 1: Schedule your launch

Multisite environments

At this time, sites on multisite environments (including root sites and subsites) need to be launched in coordination with your Launch Technical Account Manager and the VIP support team. We can launch multiple subsites within one scheduled launch event. 

The supported VIP site launch hours are Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm (09:00 – 20:00) UTC. Launching during this time provides the most support coverage to help ensure any issues you may encounter during the launch can be discovered and fixed as quickly as possible. We also require launches to be scheduled at least five business days in advance. This gives both you and the VIP team time to confirm that the site is in good working order, draft and confirm a launch plan, and identify and fix any last-minute issues that may arise.

To schedule a multisite launch, contact VIP support with the following information:

  • Requested launch date and time, including timezone
  • ID of the subsite that is launching
  • Current site URL (i.e.
  • Launched URL (i.e.
  • Subsite ID – You can find the site ID by running wp site list in the VIP-CLI or by going to Network Admin > Sites in your multisite environment, selecting Edit for the site you plan to launch, and noting the ID at the end of the URL: /network/site-info.php?id=SITE-ID.

Single site environments

Single sites can be launched using our self-launch tool. To request that the tool be turned on for your environment, contact VIP support. Review the self-launch guide to familiarize yourself with the tool. We recommend ensuring the site is working as expected (with no launch-blocking bugs) at least two business days prior to launch, to ensure the launch goes smoothly.

Last updated: February 09, 2021