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Launch A Site With VIP /

Launch with VIP: Steps to launch

Once your site is ready, your TAM will guide you through the launch process. This will include scheduling a date and time for the launch when VIP can be on-hand to assist, or whether you are able to use our self-site launch process.

A sample launch timeline

Typically, the launch steps will be something like:

12 hours before launch

  • Code freeze
  • Editorial freeze
  • Final SQL import
  • Delta media import

At the time of launch

  • Everybody joins a StormChat, which is a unique chat room for your launch
  • VIP changes the site to use the production domain
  • Before the DNS switch, the client is welcome to QA their site by changing their local hosts file
  • DNS is switched to point to VIP
  • VIP installs an SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt
  • Congratulations! Your site is launched! 🎉

Keep in mind that the steps to launch each site may differ. Your TAM will be able to provide you with the exact steps, tailored to the needs of your site.

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Last updated: October 07, 2020