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Flush the page cache

There are several ways to flush the page cache.


This method requires VIP-CLI set up. Here’s an example:

$ vip @wpvip.production -y -- wp vip cache purge-url

Success: URL purged from the VIP page cache.

The URL can be any link on your site, not just a page URL. For example, you can purge a post link, a REST API endpoint, or a URL of a static asset like an image, CSS, or JS file.

Admin bar

Any logged in user that has manage_options capability (normally Administrator or Super Admin role) will see the button “Flush Cache For Page”:

Please note: the “Flush Cache for Page” link is only available in the admin bar on front end pages.

Clicking the button will clear cache for the page itself and all style and scripts assets loaded with the page:

Cache API

If, for some reason, the above methods are not sufficient for your use-case, we also provide cache API that you can use in your application code.

Last updated: June 29, 2021