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Flush the page cache

There are several ways to flush the page cache.


This method requires VIP-CLI set up. Here’s an example:

$ vip @{VIP_ENV_ID}.production -y -- wp vip cache purge-url ''

Success: URL purged from the VIP page cache.

The URL can be any link on your site, not just a page URL. For example, you can purge a post link, a REST API endpoint, or a URL of a static asset like an image, CSS, or JS file.

Admin bar

Any logged in user that has manage_options capability (normally Administrator or Super Admin role) will see the button “Flush Cache For Page”:

Clicking the button will clear cache for the page itself and all style and scripts assets loaded with the page:

Cache API

If, for some reason, the above methods are not sufficient for your use-case, we also provide cache API that you can use in your application code.

Last updated: January 11, 2021