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Restricting access to authenticated users only

To restrict access to a site to authenticated users only, WordPress plugins such as Force Login or Registered Users Only can be installed and activated. If an organization has enabled Single Sign On (SSO) for a WordPress site, the login process for a team can be simplified by integrating it into the login flow.

After installing, enabling and configuring these plugins:

  • Logged out users will be required to login and verify permissions before having the ability to access the site.
  • The restrictions enforced by the plugins will only apply to content that is generated by WordPress. Media and static assets will continue to be publicly accessible.
  • Content will continue to be syndicated via Jetpack’s content distribution tools. To modify this behavior, refer to Controlling Content Distribution via Jetpack.

To temporarily restrict access to a site (e.g. when a site is under development or for pre-launch configuration) use the Maintenance Mode plugin.

Last updated: January 01, 2024

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